Our History

Our Beginnings


The Texas A&M Hispanic Network had its early roots in informal gatherings of former student classmates who had common cultural ties and backgrounds. They shared a belief that their experience at Texas A&M was transformative and provided skills and opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to them. Collectively, their passion to pass this legacy of learning and opportunity to future Hispanic students became the hallmark of the Texas A&M Hispanic Network. In November of 2006, the TAMHN was formally chartered by The Association of Former Students to address ways Texas A&M and its former students of Hispanic background could assist then-President Robert Gates and the University in achieving the Vision 2020 goals relating to increasing diversity within the student body, faculty and staff.

Hispanic Aggies, Through the Years

1887 Earliest known Hispanic Graduate of Texas A&M

José Angel Ortís, Class of 1891, the earliest known Hispanic graduate of Texas A&M, graduates with a degree in civil engineering. He entered Texas A&M in 1887, taking courses in mechanical engineering through his junior year. It appears that he did not attend school during the 1890–91 school year but returned in the fall of 1891 to complete his degree.