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Joining the Texas A&M Hispanic Network is the best way to ensure you are connected and informed about key events and topics that are important to the fastest growing segment of the Aggie Network.  Your annual dues support local scholarships, fundraising events and recruiting activities near you.  The network helps to sponsor Ring Scholarships, local fundraising events and recruiting activities.  Membership ensures you will be the first to know about these activities so you can share with your network of friends and family interested in attending or supporting Texas A&M students or Former Students. 

The TAMHN hosts an annual Summit to bring together the University, current and former students alternating between College Station and major metro areas each year.  Dues from membership outside of College Station help fund biennial Summits that can bring these fantastic forums to Aggies across the state of Texas.   With membership you will also receive a handsome lapel pin of the Texas A&M Hispanic Network and recognition at our events.